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STMG425: Self-Actualising Leadership

This contemporary course takes students on a journey to develop their attributes as leaders.  It places self at the centre of inquiry – how can you lead others if you do not know ‘know thyself’ first? Three aspects of leadership are explored in this course: Self-mastery as we learn about inner leadership and mindfulness; Enterprise as passion and purpose; and the science of interconnection for system transcendence.  If you choose to place your heart into this course, it will change you and assist you in aligning your own values with active organisational and global change.  Are you ready?  Check out this link to see what previous students have learnt in this course: http://www.mngt.waikato.ac.nz/podcast/stmg/stmg425/spirit.mp4

STMG590: Spirit and Enterprise

This on-line graduate course examines the nature of spirit and enterprise. We deconstruct the subject of Enterprise and then reconstruct it through an understanding of Spiritual Capital. In our world of consumption, key values are missing from our industrial processes. In this course, we explore a world in which these spiritual virtues of respect, wisdom, personal discipline and responsibility are acknowledged. In this process of ‘living deeply’ a more aware way of being emerges: a deep ecological awareness. In this journey together, we examine both academic and non-academic texts and other ways of ‘knowing’.

STMG192: The Entrepreneur

This course is foundational to the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship.  It examines what it takes to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Socially responsible entrepreneurial thinking is critically important in today’s environment; whether you want to start your own business or whether you want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  In this paper you will explore what qualities are required to be entrepreneurial; you will examine leading-edge science on how to be more creative and engage in practice-based activities that develop innovative thinking; and you will go through the process of taking a new idea to the marketplace.

Graduate and Post-graduate Supervision Available:

Spirituality and mindfulness
Interconnection and system change
Strategic regional development through collaboration



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