I have over 40 international journal publications, two books, numerous conference proceedings and book chapters.  My current research lies at the intersection of spirituality, philosophy and entrepreneurship, exploring how leaders and managers shape responsive and ethical organizations.  Generally, my research falls into two categories:

Regional development through collaborative entanglement:

This research project stream explores how regions can become vital and sustaining contexts through interdependence. This stream has evolved from using network theory as a lens for analysing regional development to one where the new science of complexity and interconnection is applied for a deeper understanding of the non-linear organisation in local contexts: through anti-hierarchical networks, through innovation techniques, and through strategic capability development through fractal patterning. My earlier work examined the linkage in the Waitomo tourism destination, and more recently I used the metaphor of rhizomes (following the work of French philosopher, Gilles Delueze, to examine the informal organising of networks. You can visit this link for a brief overview of this work:

My most recent research in this area is examining governance of the food system through meshworks. More to come in this space.

Spirit and enterprise:

This stream of research explores what being ‘conscious’ may look like for system change. I have a number of research projects within this stream that cover ‘the development of self-awareness’ from a teaching perspective; what purpose means for entrepreneurs, highlighting the significance of system change; and my avant garde work explores this notion of quantum empathy, that I argue is the key for system change.

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