“Organisations need enthusiastic and motivated people to achieve their full potential.  They need people who are committed, passionate and derive meaning from work to make a difference – to their workplaces and to their communities”

Dr Kathryn Pavlovich runs a series of interactive and experiential workshops that can be crafted to your organisational needs.

Regional development:

Networks and Entanglement. This workshop explores the new science of interconnection and explains how collaboration can improve performance and transform organisations and regions. It compares the old and new paradigms of competition and collaboration, and illustrates how “swarming” facilitates innovation that becomes central to building rich vital & sustaining regions.

Organisational development:

The Science of Happiness. In this workshop we explore the science of happiness’ Happy people are those with passion, purpose and prosperity. Explore how you can create environments where people are fulfilled and create meaning in their work. Benefits to organisations include improved productivity and lower turnover, increased profitability and sustained relationships. For the individual, benefits include health and wealth and happiness. Each of these assist in transforming, enhancing and directing capability and energy towards people, planet and profit valued-ends.

Inner leadership:

Living Consciously. This programme explores inner purpose. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? This programme provides ways of seeing in order that we more consciously connect with our true purpose. We explore neuroscience and quantum sceince as ways of understanding the role and importance of inner reflection, virutes and silence. Through finidng space to listen to our authentic self, we take the journey of finidng our true purpose and live deeply.


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